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I have spent over 16 years in the tackle trade, working my way through the ranks from Saturday boy on a fishing stall at the Barras market to my current role as Game Fishing Manager and resident flyfishing instructor at the Glasgow Angling Centre.

The basis of all flyfishing is the ability to get the fly out to the fish in the most efficient way and with the best presentation possible. I can tailor lessons to cater for complete beginners to the sport as well as those seeking to improve their casting ability. Overhead casting, the most common and often the most troublesome of casts can quickly be sorted out by any qualified instructor. The addition of a single or double haul will improve your casting efficiency and increase distance with ease. Learn how to perform roll and jump roll casts effortlessly and improve your understanding of these useful casts.

I can offer help with any aspect of trout fishing whether you are after your first fish on the fly or are struggling to get to grips with buzzer fishing I can give sound, up to date advice to help you improve your abilities as an angler.

Having first tried to tempt pike on the fly from the ponds and canals of central Scotland over 15 years ago I have gone through a steep learning curve in this fast growing branch of the sport. This experience means I can give you expert advice in what can be a very different style of fishing, whether you come from a fly fishing background or a pike fishing one. I have also experienced flyfishing for many other alternative species in fresh and salt water, and I love a challenge!

I have been an avid float tuber for over a decade, using it to great advantage in many waters from small fisheries to huge open lochs and even salt water! I can help with all aspects of this exciting branch of the sport from equipment choice, use and safety to fishing techniques for trout, pike and any other species you want to pursue from an inflatable.

Taking a flyfishing lesson before you buy any tackle can be a real bonus and I can offer this service. This means you buy the right tackle first time and saves you from any expensive mistakes. I can put together balanced outfits for beginners and arrange new tackle for up and coming flyfishing adventures be it a trip to the tropics or salmon in Scotland or Scandinavia, I am in the unique position of having access to almost every brand of tackle and since I have no ties to any companies I can offer unbiased advice to suit your pocket.

Buying a new fly rod can be a daunting and expensive experience, so before shelling out hundreds of pounds why not try a few rods you have been looking at - plus a few suggestions of my own that you may not have considered, using a range of different lines and at the same time get some casting advice to suit your new purchase.

The sage casting analyser is an amazing piece of technology that allows us to see your cast in a graphical form and take specific data from it to show your strengths and weaknesses. I am fully trained in its operation and can give you a two page printed analysis of you casting stroke that can be used by any qualified instructor to help improve your casting. Find out more here -

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